Welcome to the website of Tute Real Estate. We sell real estate in Santa Fe and the Veraguas province of Panama. Santa Fe is a growing tourist and retirement destination that offers an alternative to the resort-like communities elsewhere in Panama and Central America. Amenities are sparse, but real estate is affordable and the landscape is pristine. Santa Fe is the perfect place for people who are looking for a new challenge, be it for hobby or for business.

Always dreamed of having your own farm? Wake up with the roosters crying? ride a horse over your own land? Year round nice temperatures? Then there’s no better place than Santa Fe de Veraguas, Panama. Located at an altitude of 1400 feet but surrounded by much higher mountains of the Santa Fe National Park, Santa Fe enjoys a pleasant climate with lots of sunshine, cool evenings and tropical showers.

The 2500 people village has retained much of her quiet countryside character unlike (over) developed places such as Boquete or Coronado and is growing at a steady but sustainable pace. Viewing the need for a real estate office, Tute Real Estate was formed in 2010 to open Santa Fe to the Panama real estate market.

We invite you to visit Santa Fe Panama and experience the laid back lifestyle of this tropical mountain retreat yourself. There are several hostels and boutique hotels that fit the bill.

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